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a long overdue update

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 2:47 PM
  • Mood: Hungry
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to any readers:  my most sincere apologies for the huge break between journal updates.  to say 2012 was a busy year is an understatement of epic proportions, as evidenced by the incredible lack of activity on my account.  though unbeknownst to you, i have written a play (which will be performed in late april, at my old high school, i am very excited), 2 songs, and at a small financial expense, picked up some life skills that i have yet to use.  also i got a full time job, hence the significant lack of cakes/pics/writings...  anyway, with that disclaimer i shall proceed, continue at your own risk.

so yah as i said above in the disclaimer, 2012 was a crazy year.  i went back to school and took an accelerated program and was certified in phlebotomy (drawing blood), in hopes of breaking into the work world and making a half descent living for myself.  the hours nearly killed me (internship included 3 weeks of 4am-noon shift) but i managed to survive.  six months later i have just paid my parents back for tuition and am working at a grocery store.  thus is life.  anyway, in an attempt to take the positive approach, i try to ignore the early hours and the fact that i usually crumble into dust when i get home and focus on the fact that i have a great boss (how many people can honestly say that??) and nice coworkers.  also i'm around food all day so i can't really complain.  ;)  

during my absence thanksgiving and christmas have come and gone.  (along w/ various other holidays i will not mention because quite frankly my memory does not stretch back that far)  i hope you had a wonderful time at both, dear reader, and ate yourself sick on both occasions.  i did, so i'm calling 2012 a success on the holiday front.  also i received a pair of giant sticky-back googly eyes from my parents, so as far as i'm concerned, life at the moment, is quite good.

new years this year was significantly more noteable than the last for a few reasons.  first off, we managed to survive yet another apocalypse in late december.  boo yah.  <>  for me that was incredibly amusing and the least difficult survival i've ever pulled off.  continue living??  no problem.  can't wait to see what the next zombie arrival date brings.  but the main reasons this new years eve was a big deal for me was that i successfully pulled off my first mostly independent costuming.  several weeks ago i was informed that the party i was to attend was a doctor who themed costume party.  i immediately decided i wanted to go as a weeping angel (see 'blink' from season 3 if you have not yet) but between work, writing a play, and other such things, i found myself staring blankly at a pile of nothing going 'uh... duh... uh...' dec. 30th.  the lovely blackava came to me and said she was planning to go as a weeping angel as well so we went shopping for a few hours and gathered the cheapest supplies we could and ad-libbed the crap out of them.  the end result (as seen in my gallery) was quite surprisingly descent.  i have to give credit where credit is due, the dying of what started as white bedsheets was done by the ever-talented valadelven and blackava cut out and lined the wings.  also another friend spent about 12 hours hot gluing yarn (and her fingers) to beanies for the wigs.  it was a hilarious progression from white sheets and a few spools of yarn, some beanies, and spray paint to the final product.  amazing what one can accomplish having procrastinated that badly. :D  

well, dear reader, if you are still with me, my apologies for having wasted so much of your time.  but congratulations for making it thus far.  i will now draw this lengthy rambling to a long overdue end.  it is my hope to be more productive in the artistic field this year, so hopefully you will have at least a few things to point and laugh at, but, having seen how busy life is, i am promising nothing.  (see how i dodged responsibility there??  feel free to try some time)  if you've made it to the end of this, good news, your year can only go up from here!!  :D  have a happy 2013, all.  eat cookies!!

more later




Ninth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Stamp by wolf-wisper Stamps - Cheese by rachitick Oh, Crap by renatalmar avpm-to dance again by R--o--x--a--s Not so Toothless by CrowMaiden

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